Minga Kuri Project

Colombia | Puerto Guzmán, Putumayo
50,000 trees planted
17 hectares of land recovered
22 species Re-Introduced

TERRA is currently working with ASMINTRACONAL to help revitalize 74 hectares of land devastated by gold mining operations in Puerto Guzmán, Colombia.  


The Association of Traditional Gold Miners with Environmental Consciousness (ASMINTRACONAL) is an association created by a dozen former gold mining families who understood firsthand the crippling environmental and social consequences of exploitative mining practices. They wanted to break the cycle and vowed to remediate the damage and provide a better social and economic future for their children. In 2018, they were able to purchase 74 hectares of devastated land for regeneration. 


TERRA provides support through project design, planning, fundraising, and capacity-building.  In addition to biodiversity conservation, this project promotes food security, sustainable livelihoods, and the preservation of ancestral knowledge and cultural heritage. 


 The community is currently working to regenerate the soil and rebuild the forest by planting a mixture of 22 endemic species, including Amazonian fruits. The initiatives will help local communities generate new sources of revenue by offering sustainable land management in neighboring areas, operating a nursery for saplings and soil composting, and selling sustainably sourced forest fruits.