Biodiversity and Wildlife

Biodiversity is a biological term refering to the entire range of living organisms on our planet. This includes animals, plants, fungi, and even the microorganisms that most of us don’t think about often.  Working together in a variety intricate and fragile ecosystems, the Earth’s biodiversity makes life as we know it possible.

However, the world’s ecosystems are increasingly at risk.  Deforestation from mining, agriculture, and fuel production have had devastating effects.  Since 1970, there has been an average decrease of 69% among most of the world’s animal populations.

Besides for providing all the things that we and other animals need to live and to live well, Earth’s biodiversity is beautiful, energizing, and soul restoring.

We don’t want to lose this, do we?


Every day TERRA fights to protect the tropical rainforest ecosystem of Colombia, one of the most biodiverse countries on the globe.  

Would you like to help?   

Spotlight on Jaguar Conservation

Primarily found in the Amazon rainforest and wetlands, Jaguars are losing their habitat and ecological corridors due to deforestation. The loss of their feeding and roaming grounds means that they are coming closer to human habitant and cattle farms. They are becoming the farmers’ enemy, and their existance is threatened.

SOS Felinos is an association of young professionals that responds when events such as predation, attack and hunting of felines, and loss of farm animals occur. They provide guidance and strategies for identifying jaguar attacks on farm animals and repelling felines.

Through investigation and sighting inventories, this passionate group is able to track jaguar footsteps and identify the cats’ journeys throughout a region.