TERRA Foundation is an environmental social foundation officially registered in the Netherlands. As a young and eager organization, we want to share knowledge and create awareness on how we all can help our planet. We believe that together, we can create a better future by not only planting trees but also living sustainably.

Our Mission

As TERRA Foundation, we want to help forest restoration by promoting sustainable land management. In collaboration with indigenous communities, we promote nature’s benefits, help restore the land and preserve biodiversity and wildlife.

Our goal

For our 1st year of launching, we want to be able to fund a green cover of 4000 trees.

This is us

Sharing passion and enthusiasm for nature

Aleyda Santos


I have specialized the last few years in sustainable solutions to environmental impact. Alarmed by the environment’s ongoing deterioration, I decided to go bold and pick up my international, academic and environmental experience and establish a foundation to reforest and regenerate land while preserving ancestral knowledge.

Ilah van der Haas


Charlene Milliken Lambert

Board member

Volunteers in the spotlight

Betzy Barco

After emigrating from Colombia at a young age, Betzy learned to appreciate and value what the land offers us. Now living in the Netherlands, she wants her future generations to be able to get the same experience and be able to breathe fresher air.

Vincent Adrichem

He likes spending time in nature, living an active and healthy lifestyle. He is passionate about preserving nature, creating sustainable communities, educating, facilitating optimal living conditions, and empowering others.

Andres Alarcon Tique

I love to take care of the environment and teach others to reuse, recycle and plant trees. The forest, the water, and the air are the most important matters to be responsible for. Andres has experience in education and is a technological engineer.